You can now pre-order a Lenovo Tab 4 in the US

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You can now pre-order a Lenovo Tab 4 in the US

There’s an Android tablet for every size and price. While that does make choosing a bit more of a chore, it also means that there’s a tablet to match every need and every budget. Don’t need all the bells and whistles of a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3? Want something a bit more functional than an Amazon Fire? What you might … Continue reading
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Switch Mode for Fn/Ctrl Keys

Fn and Ctrl Keys on ThinkPad T400s We are considering a switch mode for the Fn and Ctrl keys. Personally, I feel that the present layout (Fn key on the left corner, followed by the Ctrl key immediately to the right) is the most convenient, but that may be because ThinkPad has been my only laptop for so many years now. My hands are rather small, so having the Ctrl key closer without my fingers leaving the home position is really helpful, especially when doing shortcuts like “Ctrl + CSee Original Article

Lenovo A1000 an Affordable and an Amazing Tablet

A tablet is a mobile computer which has a display circuitry and a battery, both in a single unit. They are equipped with sensors, such as - cameras, microphone, accelerometer and touchscreen. Tablets come in portable sizes, they have a reliable operating system and are available in affordable prices.

About Lenovo:

Lenovo is a multinational computer technology company, which is headquartered in China as well as in United States. Lenovo designs, manufactures and markets PC's, laptops, smartphones, workstations, electronic storage devices and smart televisions. Lenovo operates in more than 60 countries and markets its products in around 160 countries.

Lenovo tablets:

Lenovo tablets are designed in a way to fit your pocket and lifestyle. They are powered by Windows 8 or Android operating systems. They manufacture a wide range of tablets - Lenovo yoga series, S series, A series and Lynx. Lenovo tablets run efficiently and quietly consuming less power and less strain to the internal components.

Lenovo A1000:

The Lenovo A1000 supports voice calling with SIM support, you can use the Lenovo A100 like a tablet as well as a phone. The Lenovo A1000 is a lightweight tablet which fits the pockets comfortably and easily. This tablets runs on MT8317 Dual-Core Processor 1.2 Ghz with an operating system - Android 4.1.2 Jellybean. The Lenovo A1000 has 1GG RAM and an internal storage capacity of 4GB/8GB/16GB and an expandable storage capacity up to 32GB, you can choose an appropriate one based on your need. The battery used in the A1000 is a 3500mAh Li-Polymer providing a powerful battery life, you can browse up to 8hrs using WiFi, watch 6hrs of video playback and a stand-by up to minimum 2 weeks. The sound clarity in the Lenovo A1000 is amazing, they use the Dolby Digital Technology. All these features make Lenovo A1000 one of the best budget tablet.

Where to buy Lenovo A1000?

You can buy Lenovo A1000 online as well as in retail stores. Before purchasing any electronic goods/devices, it is important to do a lot of research on them. Understanding the features and specifications of the device is very important. Some online shopping websites provides an option to compare between different devices in the same category, making it easy for the buyer to decide. It is also very important to read reviews online and then make a smart buying decision. Shopping online is easy, safe and convenient. Some online shopping websites also provide easy return policies to ensure that you have a satisfying shopping experience.

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