Windows 10 undercuts 'tablet revolution'

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Windows 10 undercuts 'tablet revolution'

Colin: I don't think people need laptops, per se. But they do ... Even with Office as an app, I'm still going for my crappy Dell laptop to work on a story.
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3 Dell laptops, E6400 series , all working

1- Dell latitude E6410 Core i5, 160GB hard drive, 2GB ram, Webcam, Mouse does not moves but works fine with usb mouse 2- Dell latitude E6400 ...
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New AC Adapter/Charger For Dell Laptops

Known as the Dell PA10, this ac adapter is for the Dell laptops that require 19.5 volts/4.62 amps. Bring your laptop or old charger with you to verify that ...
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Repair Dell Laptop Sound Problems

Dell Inc is a leading multinational company, which sells, manufactures and provides technical support to its computer and other related products. Based in Texas, United States, Dell is a leading technology corporation of the world. With a huge range of desktops, laptops, net books, printer, data storage devices, etc. Dell has become raised the class on the computers and has become the third largest PC vendors available worldwide.

Although, Dell laptops are known for its durability and fast speed, but there are a few basic issues that user encounter in their laptops. One of the most common issues is Sound problem. These problems can be fixed by the help of Dell laptop support. However, for basic troubleshooting for a specific issue, you can try these steps:

Unable To Hear Sound In Dell Laptop
Check if the volume of your Dell laptop is not mute or low. In case of external audio device, make sure that it is turned on. If this does not solve the problem, then play Audio troubleshooter. Go to Control Panel and click on Troubleshooting. Search for Hardware and Sound and click on Troubleshoot Audio Playback. Provide administrator password, if prompted. This will diagnose and check for the exact problem.

Even after playing the audio troubleshooting, you are unable to hear the sound, then make sure that you have proper and updated sound card. Go to the Control Panel and then to System and Security. Under the Security option, you will find Device Manager. Click on it to check if there is any update for audio or sound drivers. If yes, then download it.

Unable To Install Sound Card
If you are facing issues in installing your Sound card, then check if your sound card is compatible with your Windows operating system. You can check this from the official Windows website.

Cracked Sound From Dell Laptop Speakers
Check the connections of your speaker and laptop. Check if the connection made is in the correct port. To produce proper sound, connect your speaker with line-out jack. Try to connect another speaker. If that speaker gives proper sound, then the issue is with your speaker.

Unable To Recognize The Sound Card
Make sure that the sound card is compatible and your laptop has the proper driver. Set the Windows update to automatically download or download recommended updates. This will install the necessary Windows updates automatically.

The above are the basic troubleshooting steps for respective issues. If this does not solve your issue, then get in touch with reliable Dell Laptop Support. They deliver affordable technical help for any kind of issue over the phone or live chat. Another advantage of these services is that they are available 24/7 to deliver the best service.

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