Windows 10 seen as vital boost to PC sales

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Windows 10 seen as vital boost to PC sales

The same might be true of a low-cost educational computer such as Acer's Aspire One Cloudbook. It is a fully functional PC for $169, giving Windows ...
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Hands-on: Installing openSuSE Tumbleweed on my new Acer Aspire V3-331

It has been a while since I picked up any new hardware, and a couple of my netbooks have gone to new homes recently, so when I saw the Acer ...
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Acer introduces Chromebook R11, a Google OS-running convertible notebook

Acer returns with its introduction of a new notebook just months after unveiling Aspire R11 Windows. The new notebook, Chromebook R11, is a ...
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17" ASUS Gaming Laptop

Hello! This ASUS Gaming Laptop is practically brand new! It's hardly ever been used and still runs the latest games! I have done a ton of pricing ...
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ACER TravelMate P246 P256 P276 Series Coming

ACER TravelMate is a veteran of the domestic notebook series, and we take the TravelMate P256 but in the design is like a business, the overall color black, the body made of plastic, no special process using grinding, the user sees is the most original texture of plastic material.

But in the top part, TravelMate P256 adopts rhombus fine-grained decoration, median set up ACER LOGO, machine side angle radian is relatively large, but the whole body style and to appear calm, rigorous, it can be said that the overall design of the TravelMate P256 regulations in the moment, not too bright to speak.

This machine uses a 15 inch screen resolution of 1366 x 768, the screen chooses glass panel, color performance is more outstanding, the visual angle as large IPS panel. In addition, the screen frame part of this product adopts a narrow frame design, especially the border around the sides of the very narrow, so even the overall use of the engineering plastics materials, also won't let users have the awkward feeling.

Although it is a mainstream product, but the TravelMate P256 in the control of the thickness of the body on or under a lot of effort, but the overall thickness of the screen than the average notebook computers are slightly thicker, but the body part of the thin sense also make up the engineering plastics materials showing the clumsy disadvantage.

Since the machine adopts a slim design, so the TravelMate P256 is not equipped with CD-ROM. On the right side of the fuselage is equipped with a headset microphone jack, 2 USB 3 ports, while carrying out HDMI and RJ-45 ethernet. But it is worth mentioning that, these interface design are farther to the rear, this ratio design at the front end to be more good.

In the 3DMark Fire Strike benchmark, GTX 870M graphic scores of non Extreme mode to get 4786 points, than the previous generation GTX 770M in terms of performance to be strong many, close to the GTX 780M.

"Biochemical crisis 6" Benchmark program consists of two parts, the first part is the test content, through two real-time scenarios to assess the current system hardware configuration is in line with the needs of the game; the content of the second part is the 2 promotional video, are "biochemical crisis 6" of the actual game demo.

Look at the details, the upper part of the keyboard is speaker strip ONKYO certification, volume is not small, and at the bottom of the loudspeaker, in the game can be temporary replacement outside sound, and on the left you can see a power button, on the right is the power indicator light, even the flight mode are displayed.

On the touch panel, we see a biometric fingerprint recognizer, which in this game is still very rare, or so key touch panel for the independent design, feel is not Su, touchpad area is not large, but the operation is still relatively accurate, left and right palm rest area is very large, typing can be timely hand on top, and the temperature is not high.

Look at the interface, in the rear can see two Display Port interface, a standard, a mini, plus HDMI interface can be composed of three screen display system and power supply jack also put in the back. This design is reasonable, followed by some need not often swap lines, can let both sides become relatively concise some notebook.

In the left side of the fuselage can see a IEEE1394 interface, a RJ-45 Ethernet interface and the two USB3.0 interface and a E-SATA interface, also includes a card reader. And on the right, you can see four audio jack, used to connect 7.1 channel home cinema system also includes a USB2.0 interface and a notebook computer lock, if say sorry, that is not the VGA video interfac

PCMark is a high quality tool for measuring the performance of personal computer, or a new product and the most advanced workload features, including HD video automatic decoding, digital music code, advanced threading and hard drive performance test tracking based on.

Futuremark company's 3DMark software is always game performance test software version of the 3DMark Windows authority, C, Windows RT, iOS, Android four operating system, across the desktop and mobile devices, on a different platform performance can also direct comparison. And consists of Ice Storm, Cloud Gate and Fire Strike three test, respectively suitable for "mobile devices and entry-level computer", "computer notebook computer and home" and "high performance computer game". After the test, the 3Dmark score of 4395 points. While the 3DMark 11 software using native DirectX 11 engine, in the test scene DX11 a large number of new features include Tessellation subdivision surface, Compute, Shader and multithread application. Finally, the 3Dark 11 score P1380 points cards, good performance, to meet the daily entertainment needs.

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