Will Skylake bring quad core to the 13" at last?

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Will Skylake bring quad core to the 13" at last?

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Recommend a good screwdriver/repair kit for Macbook Air 2015

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Wi-Fi problem. MCS Index only 7, transnmit rate 73

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How to Know Your MacBook Needs a Battery Replacement

People who purchase MacBooks want to be able to easily work and play on the go. That means being able to flip it open at a cafe, on the train, or even sitting on the bleachers at a child's sports practice. What makes the MacBook so easy to use in these settings is the battery. They don't need to find an outlet and don't have to worry about their cord reaching one. The only problem is when the battery starts to fail. When the battery doesn't last as long as you need it to, you'll be running for an outlet sooner than you'd like, which is inconvenient.

While running out of battery faster than usual is normal from time to time, having to constantly worry about needing a place to plug your MacBook may signal you need a battery replacement. Here are some more signs of needing a MacBook battery replacement.

The Battery Never Fully Charges

When you plug your MacBook in, the battery should charge to 100%. If it doesn't charge to that amount, then the battery may be starting to lose it's charge capacity. This can be a problem because as more time goes by, the charge capacity decreases more and more until it can no longer be charged.

Battery Status Alerts a Problem

On your Mac, you can check the status of the battery easily by hovering over the battery. This will tell you if it's in good status, needs replacing now, soon, or needs servicing. Some people ignore these alerts, but they really shouldn't because a battery can end up overheating if the Mac is kept plugged in.

Erratic Computer Behavior

If you've ever noticed your mouse cursor doing things you didn't make it do, it's likely not the mouse, keyboard, or trackpad, as you may have suspected. Instead, it could be the battery.

The Battery Overheats

If your MacBook burns your lap, it's likely your battery overheated. If you take the battery out, it will likely start to swell. This is basically how a battery explodes.

The Reasons for a MacBook Battery Replacement

If you've noticed any of the situations above with your MacBook, it probably needs a battery replacement. A battery replacement could end bringing back the life of your MacBook that you've loved about it since you purchased it. The MacBook battery replacement cost can range from $159 to $749 depending on whether you have a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. Contact a MacBook repair company for more information on a battery replacement.


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