We don’t need more Surface clones

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We don’t need more Surface clones

 When Microsoft launched the Surface line back in 2012, its combination of a tablet and keyboard cover (married with a smart kickstand), was innovative. With it, Microsoft surely hoped to kickstart a bit of innovation in what had become a rather stale market for Windows laptops and an almost non-existing market for Windows tablets. Instead of innovation, though, what we’re seeing now is… Read More
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HP’s Pavilion Wave is a fabric-covered desktop computer, probably

 What is the Pavilion Wave? It’s a question as old as time, dating at least as far back as the early hours of this morning when HP showed off its strange new cloth-covered bit of hardware. It most closely resembles a speaker, complete with a Bang & Olufsen logo on the front – in fact, that’s the only bit of branding you’ll see if you look at it face-on. The answer,… Read More
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Hp Laptop and Servicing

HP laptop
HP or Hewlett-Packard is a multinational American company which specializes in electronics like printers, computers and other similar devices. They are by far, one of the foremost experts in office solutions. The company provides software based solutions along with products, technological services and other client based solutions in the fields of health care, government and business. The company of HP had a humble beginning in a garage in Palo Alto, founded by William Hewlett and co-founded by Dave Packard. The computer component manufacturer is one of the biggest PC manufacturers in the world since early 2007. They are well known for the HP Pavillion line of laptops that are high performers. Apart from this, they have also manufactured other famous lines and models like the HP 450 series, the HP 430, Hp 650 and many others. These performance driven laptops are made using some high end configurations like the latest in Intel processors of Core i3, i5 and i7 series of chips, high clock speeds of around 1.3 to 2.4 GHz or more, high RAM capacities of 4GB and above, the latest in RAM technology, using the DDR3 series of RAM cards and SATA HDDs. HP laptops are designed to be sturdy, long lasting and user friendly. This makes the HP product line the preferred one among the general masses. You can buy your own HP laptop through Flipkart's online shopping website. You must simply log onto the website, go through the extensive catalog of HP laptops listed on the website and pick out a few of your choice. Once this process is complete, you can move on to checking the specifications in more detail. Use the website's compare tool to check each spec easily and efficiently. Once you have selected the right make and model for yourself, you can move on to placing the order for your laptop. This is easily accomplished in the order placement page, where you will be required to enter details such as the delivery address, contact number and a valid email ID. This is to help the Home Delivery process occur smoothly without a hitch. Once this has been done, you can select the mode of payment by choosing to pay by Credit Card, Debit Card or Net Banking. This is to ensure convenience to you as the customer. You can also go in for Cash on Delivery if you so choose it. All transactions on Flipkart are safe and secure.Computer is a symtem machin.omputer is a symtem machin.Computer is a symtem machin.
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