Upgrading from Sony Vaio vpcz1290x…? Dell XPS13, HP Spectre x360, or??

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Upgrading from Sony Vaio vpcz1290x...? Dell XPS13, HP Spectre x360, or??

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Sony Z11 - NVIDIA Optimus

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TB Sony Michel adds some pizzazz to diverse backfield

ATHENS — Hearing that quarterback Greyson Lambert bought ice cream for the starting offensive line because he didn't get sacked, Georgia's Sony ...
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Sony Xperia Z5 Teardown Reveals Dual Heat Pipes

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Sony Ends Your Hunt for the Perfect Windows 8 Laptop

Sony came into existence in 1946, since then it has been making new and great inventions. Sony believes in making imaginary to reality. It latest invention is the Windows 8 Laptops. Sony Windows 8 Laptop comes in wide ranges suiting your different needs. Microsoft's Windows 8 OS has been the main talk in the city for a while. Like always Sony has also hit the market with the release of its latest laptops. Sony Laptops have been on the top list since they have been launched. It is the first choice of many as they know it will give you the best.

One such Sony Laptop that has the Windows 8 as the OS is the Sony's Vaio Duo 11 which is a partly a tablet and partly a laptop has the latest OS Windows 8. It is made with the hybrid factor and has touch screen enabled making it more powerful. It has an 11.6 inch LCD Display screen. It also comes with the latest generation of Intel Core Processors. It also has a digitizer stylus pen as one of the main accessories that make this a unique piece. It allows you to write on the screen and make sketches if you wish to. It comes with swappable pen tips from hard to soft allowing you to use the one you like more.

There more Sony Laptops that have the Windows 8 OS. The Vaio E Series Laptops come in two models the E14P and E 17 Laptops. The E14P will have a touch screen option while the other will have a 17 inch screen that will give a good resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. These laptops will come in variant screen size like the 11€, 14€ and 15€. They would differ in their prices but the features are almost the same.

Windows 8 Laptops have significant changes in the OS platform, where user experience is the main focus. It has brought a major change in using, installing the apps and the other software in the laptop. It allows a faster start up of the laptop thus saving time. It allows faster transfer of data making sharing of data much easier. It changes your world of communication and gives you a whole new experience to communicate share & transfer data and make life more simple and hassle free.

Laptops make life very simple and they are portable too. With Windows 8 being their OS you get much faster speed for connectivity, transfer and download. It does things in a click. Take the opportunity to own the Sony Windows 8 Laptop and make personal and professional life easy and simple.


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