Unboxing Asus VN279QL 27 inch AMVA+ monitor

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Unboxing Asus VN279QL 27 inch AMVA+ monitor

Unboxing Asus VN279QL 27 inch AMVA+ monitorNeed new shirts ? http://ahshirts.comNeed new shirts ? http://ahshirts.comAuthor: TanekaBalesTags: Unboxing Asus VN279QL 27 inch AMVA monitor Posted: 09 June 2016
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VÍDEO: Zenbo, el robot que revolucionará la tecnología

Zenbo es uno de los tres inventos que revolucionarán el mundo de la tecnología. Este simpático robot es capaz de controlar los electrodomésticos de tu casa e incluso cuidar a personas enfermas.Author: AutobildspainTags: Robot Asus Tecnologia zenbo domestico electrodomesticos Posted: 08 June 2016
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Asus Started 2014 With a 'leak'

Asus started the year with a flare.

Yes, it is not even a month after the new year and they are already getting ahead of the game, in the most subtle yet interesting fashion.
Another video about their new product got 'leaked' over the internet even before their Asus CES 2014 event. The same incident happened two years ago when their Asus tablet got leaked and spread around like wild fire on the web, getting people to talk about the 'mystery tablet' Asus had been hiding from them.

And I think the formula is working.

In an article written by Chris Smith in AndroidAuthority.com, he gave little details of how it came to the internet and some specs about the new notebook / ultrabook. The product was spotted by Android World in YouTube. Unfortunately for us, Asus decided to take it down temporarily until the product is released in Las Vegas, Nevada.

But it did not stop us from speculating on what this new Asus notebook is all about. Apparently, it is an upgrade from their previous product, the Asus Transformer. The Transformer series is one of the most successful items in Asus' line of products and they obviously want to have a follow up. And knowing Asus, they would definitely give it an interesting twist.

According to little details gathered by tech savvy users, this product is the known as the Asus Transformer Book Duet. It is said to be quad-mode, dual-OS device that would surely pique the interest of the tech market. Asus had already worked with Windows and Android in the past, and apparently, the Taiwan-based PC giant wanted to make something that would include both operating systems, giving the user the option to choose on what OS they prefer or if they want to make a switch from time to time. And like the former Transformer devices, the company decided to stick with the product design and retain the flexibility offered by this line of product as it is the trademark of all the Transformer notebooks (e.i notebook-cum-tablet laptop). And the said design is also the key for the OS switch as the user can simply place the tablet part (which is the Android part) to the keyboard duck for the Windows-operated notebook or vice-versa.

Sounds amazing, right?

All these are still speculations until the product is launched in the United States. And aside from this new Transformer follow up, the public is still waiting for further announcement about other Asus Notebooks, or rather Chromebook that is speculated to be released this year and will go against the notebook giants in the industry.

Same goes for the Asus smartphone, which the company said is their biggest venture and investment for 2014. Last year the PC company announced that they will be diverting their attention to other devices like smartphones and wearable devices. And people can expect some more collaborations with other tech companies. Asus is known to work with several industries and produced numerous products and items with these mergers.


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