Toshiba Portégé Z30

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Toshiba Portégé Z30

By Jacob Grana 11 hours ago Laptops and netbooks ... Toshiba calls the $1,470 or £1,260 (about AU$1,935) Portégé Z30's coloring Cosmo Silver, but ...
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2 Toshiba laptops 60$obo

have 2 Toshiba dual core laptops there the same make and model both work. they have no hard drives . both had windows 7 installed on them and ...
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Solving Issues With Toshiba Laptop After Upgrading To Windows 8

Upgrading your Windows OS with the latest Windows OS is necessary but not compulsory. Certainly, there are advantages of upgrading the OS with latest available OS. A new OS is updated with all the patches to security holes that are present in the older version. Plus a newer operating system is faster, easier, and usually contains additional new features. A newer OS is always an improvement over the older OS.
Microsoft Windows OS has been around for more than two decades. Over the years the company has made multiple operating systems, with each new OS version being better than the prior version. The latest version of Windows operating system is Windows 8 and a 8.1
With Windows 8, Microsoft brought a lot of changes and improvements. It was the interface, Windows apps, Start Screen, Windows charms, Bing integration etc. which were the major changes introduced with new Windows 8. Though there were issues with Windows 8 OS when it was first released, but with the latest updates the OS is now very much functional and practical.
Windows 8 is supported in all major brands of PC and laptop. It runs smoothly and executes various computing tasks in an instant. But, not to forget, the OS does have a specific system requirement. However, issues with the OS or laptop after installing Windows 8 OS in the laptop are very common. One very common reason for you not being able to use your laptop after you have installed the Windows 8 OS, is the driver issues.
If you are using a Toshiba laptop and have recently installed Windows 8 operating system because of which you are now getting problems, then following steps are the easy ways that could fix the issue.
€ In the Start Screen press Win + Q button and then search for Service Station and open it.
€ This will open Toshiba Service Station window; accept the notification as it appears on the screen and then click on Check for Updates button.
€ A list of latest Windows 8 drivers will get displayed. Select the TOSHIBA Service Station Client Update and click on Download/Install button. The advantage of doing this is that, you don't have to manually select each update to download and install one after another. In fact, you can download and install the remaining updates together, all at once.
€ Once the TOSHIBA Service Station update gets downloaded and installed, then simply enable the check box present beside the Install button and the click on Install All button.
The drivers download and install can take awhile. Once the process is complete, then check the Toshiba laptop if the features are working fine or not. The issues should get fixed, once the process is over successfully. However if the issues still remain there, then dialing the number to Toshiba support and then availing technical support provided by experts is the best thing to do.
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To sum up all, although Windows 8 had issues when it was first released, but now with the updates and patches the OS is all functional and practical. Install it in your PC/laptop to try it. However, if issues arise while or after installing Windows 8 OS then simply contact the experts. There are various good support companies like SupportBuddy and others, which are now providing effective technical support across various brands and products. This has made it easier for the consumers to avail the technical support. All that a user has to do is dial the respective support number, such as antivirus support number, Avast technical support number, Lenovo support number, PC support number etc. and, avail the help as required.

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