Toshiba Aplio 500 Platinum Ultrasound Utilized in Multi-Site Study Aims to Help Improve Pregnancy Outcomes

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Toshiba Aplio 500 Platinum Ultrasound Utilized in Multi-Site Study Aims to Help Improve Pregnancy Outcomes

Dateline City:

TUSTIN, Calif.

EVMS Researchers Use Toshiba’s Superb Micro-Vascular Imaging to Improve Visualization of Placenta Blood Vessels

TUSTIN, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aplio™ 500 Platinum ultrasound systems from Toshiba America Medical
Systems, Inc., are being utilized in research to study the
microvascularization of the placenta, pSee Original Article

old broken laptops- sony vaio and toshiba

hello, if you can use two laptops for parts, please take these- its an older sony vaio with cracked screen and a toshiba with a completely broken screen.
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MDI Hospital Acquires Toshiba Ultrasound to Enable Safe and Less Invasive Exams

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TUSTIN, Calif.

Aplio 500 Platinum’s Shear Wave Elastography Helps MDI Hospital Reduce Invasive Procedures and Improve Patient Care

TUSTIN, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--To perform more non-invasive exams with industry-leading depth and
detail, Mount Desert Island (MDI) Hospital acquired the Aplio™ 500
Platinum ultrasound system fSee Original Article

Genuine Toshiba Laptop charger 19V 1.58A

Genuine Toshiba Laptop charger 19V 1.58A Fit most of Toshiba Laptops, Notebooks Power Input: 100-240V ~ 50-60HZ Power Output: 19V 1.58A ...
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How To Troubleshoot Issues For Toshiba Laptops

Toshiba is world's fifth largest computer manufacturer in the world. Known for its fast speed and performance, Toshiba is the first choice for people. Satellite series, I500 series, P series are among the many series introduced by Toshiba.
No matter how good the system is, there are always some problems faced by the users which hinder the working of problem. Here are the lists of some common problem faced by Toshiba laptopâEUR(TM)s user which can be solved by simple solutions
Touchpad not working
The problem of the touch pad usually occurs if the driver gets corrupt or if the touchpad lock button is on.

Possible Solution

Make sure that touch pad lock button is off.

If the above method doesn't work, there may be a problem of corrupt driver. Re-install the appropriate driver and restart your system.

Overheating is a large problem with Toshiba laptops. This occurs due to distress in working of cooling fan due to dust filled in heat sink. This leads to processor's heat trapped in your laptop.
Possible Solution

Remove keyboard; blow the dust off from the heat sink.

If this doesn't help, then there is a need to replace your cooling fan

Sound Problems
The major reason of sound problem in Toshiba laptop can be due to faulty speakers or sound drivers.

Possible solution

Plug in headphone or external speakers in audio jack. If still there is no sound, then there may be an issue in sound drivers.

Try to reinstall appropriate sound driver and reinstall the computer.

Memory Defects
Sometimes, strange characters or dots are shown on the laptop screen giving an indication of defective memory. You can check whether this problem exist or not with Memtest 86+ utility software.

Possible Solution

The problem of memory defects can only be solved by replacing the motherboard.

Power Jack Problem
The power jack problem is a common problem faced by Toshiba computers. This problem can be identified when the laptop is using battery power even after it is the power adapter is plugged in.

Possible Solution

You need to re-solder the power jack to get this problem solved.

Charging the Battery
If the laptop is not charging, it is not necessary that there is a problem with the power jack. Battery issue can also be there.
Possible Solution

You need to download the latest BIOS for your Toshiba laptop model.

Other than the above solution, slow working of laptop is a big problem. Following are the few techniques which may help to increase the working of your Toshiba Laptop.

Disk Cleanup
Uninstall useless programs and run disk clean up or defrag the hard drive from System Tools in Accessories option.

Run Anti-virus scan
Run anti-virus and anti-spyware scan to search and destroy spyware and adware.

Clean up the registry
Cleaner will remove unused and unwanted files. This will help in running your laptop faster.

Upgrade RAM
If you laptop is old, upgrading RAM to better quality can give a fast speed boost.

The solution to these problems is the basic. If this does not help then there is some major technical issue faced by your laptop. For better performance of your laptop, contact Toshiba tech support.

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