ThinkPad logo plate: Extra edition

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ThinkPad logo plate: Extra edition

In our previous article we introduced the significant changes that occurred from the first generation through the fourth generation. We have looked into a variety of the aspects for each one. While some of these innovations became reality, others ended as just ideas or made it to the trial production stage. First I want to introduce three designs that actually became products.

The logoplate for the first generation monochrome LCDs (1992)

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July’s Star Festival

Night View from Tokyo's Roppongi Hills Tower, 40th floor Tokyo Tower, at its full grace We had such a great time at the Lenovo Japan party, inviting everyone at Lenovo Japan.

Wishing prosperity for our business July 7th was the Star Festival (Tanabata) in Japan, and as traditionally done, we wrote down our wishes on colorful paper strips.

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Lenovo Laptops - The Best In The Business

Lenovo produces laptops that will benefit many different consumers and are aimed at varying budgets and specifications. Whether you want a powerful machine or a lightweight laptop to move around with, then Lenovo are best in the business.
Lenovo always use the latest technology when it comes to building their laptops delivering affordability and portability. Lenovo are very security conscious offering the latest security enabling users to keep their data protected with features such as fingerprint and face detection.
The range of Lenovo laptops includes the ThinkPad and IdeaPad. The ThinkPad is ideal for the business users enabling you to do work, whether you are in the office or on the move. The IdeaPad is great for everyday use, whether it is to access the internet, emails, listen to music, watch movies and much more.
When buying a laptop, the most important consideration is what you will use it for. Once you have decided this, it will narrow down the choice of laptops you may buy. Do you want to do basic tasks like web browsing, creating word documents and spreadsheets or are you a keen gamer that will need a powerful machine to run the latest games.
That is why Lenovo is one of most trusted brand in the world having been formed back in 1984 and going to become a leading manufacturer in computing products. It has since purchase a stake in IBM and now owns the ThinkPad laptops.
There are several reasons as to why you should buy a Lenovo laptop. First, you will able to compare several laptops against each other enabling to choose the best one according to your needs and specifications.
Another reason for buying a Lenovo laptop is that an online review enables you to judge how well the laptop compares with others. Seeing what other buyers thought about the product is also another indication as well.
Always have a budget in mind when it comes to buying a laptop as you do not want to end up overspending on a machine that you hardly ever use or do not how to use. The budget will be dependent on what your needs / specifications are for the laptop.
If you need to see the laptop in action, then you should visit the retail store as it will enable you to get an idea how the laptop looks and feels. The price of a laptop will usually start at around the 200 mark but can go high as 2000 pounds but these laptops will be more specialised i.e. gaming.
Some retailers will offer discounts or voucher codes that they will let you get so much money off the laptop. This is where you will be able to pick up a laptop for a bargain.

Unbeateble prices for laptops parts