ThinkPad logo plate: 2nd generation

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ThinkPad logo plate: 2nd generation

In the second generation, the smallest sized logo appeared. It was adorable. The shape of the base changed. The base changed from an oval to two rectangles laid on top of each other. As LCD panel technology progressed, LCD bezels became more narrow and the location of the interior logo also changed. More models changed from an LCD bezel to a keyboard bezel. The type of the logo plate size also increased. The logo on the keyboard bezel of the ThinkPad 600 was truly small, about the size of aSee Original Article

ThinkPad X1: Stradivarius Keyboard

The most important characteristic of the X1 is that it boasts the thinnest body in ThinkPad history. (It's about as thick as the ThinkPad T420s when the LCD screen is opened!) Even with this thin design, the high performance, toughness and stylish design with a premium feel are all next generation.

As we discussed in Design Matters | ThinkPad X1: Designing the Ultimate Keyboard, what ThinkPad devotees care the most about is the keyboard.

The X1 is not a traditional 7 row keyboSee Original Article

Developers on the X1 Carbon - Mechanical Engineering

Following on from Developers on the X1 Carbon - Project, we once again hear directly from the developers.

In this third piece we hear from two of the engineers in charge of mechanical engineering. The first is a veteran engineer who designed the X300 and the original X1, and the second is an engineer with experience in mechanical engineering for mobile phones. Together they led the pivotal packaging (chassis design) part of the project.


- In the previous interview we were See Original Article

Lenovo Laptops - Efficiency and Style

Lenovo offers laptop computers that easily fit into requirements as well as costs of different consumers well. Whether you are searching for workhorse to function up since primary computer or perhaps mobile, light gadget to feel on move to you, Lenovo might not allow you disappointed. You may get in touch alongside service services to determine typically option ideal suited for you as well as your company.

Lenovo utilizes contemporary technologies for designing affordable and additionally dependable solutions for typically consumers. Accessible with current protection solution to protect information from the unintentional publicity, Lenovo is definitely included in the best laptop computers obtainable in the marketplace. The assortment by the business might additionally leave you spoilt for preference.

Lenovo ThinkPad SL510 is regarded as the designs, rated at 3rd spot in world's finest ten company laptops. This model comes alongside capability related with desktop computer and also can well handle a lot of business tasks. Double core processors, memory 3GB, three media slots, USB ports, 15.5 inches show, CPU of 2530 MHz alongside integrated speaker systems, webcam as well as mic adds to efficiency of its users.

G560 Lenovo Essential is an additional cool laptop and also offers upto 5hours of typically battery line along alongside improved Window 7 experience, delivering upto 50% faster shutdown and additionally boot time. Alongside 15.6 display, 500Gb hard disk, five in one card visitor, wireless Ethernet, eSATA and 2 USB connectors, this computer provides a great experience to typically user. Typically best component is the fact that that you do not have to run around in stores for purchasing all these laptops since them to are accessible at few mouse clicks.

Modern attributes and great tech makes Lenovo a should purchase. Introduction of fingerprint technology ensures improved safety for typically users. You can easily be certain which nobody else is accessing the notebook without having the consent. Face recognition technologies by typically company is additionally making it popular among typically consumers. Singing fanatics can buy lenovo laptops alongside Dolby speaker system alongside great seem lucidity. Touch fragile panel, anti abrasion LCD screen as well as included TV tuner within the computer.

Even with all all these great attributes, lenovo laptop computers do not strain typically user's pocket. Reasonable costs and ideal related with features is the USP of Lenovo. The power efficient laptops additionally offer a give in saving power and a source of electricity when you may be being effective. Typically business provides no reason to problem. In comparison to new models samsung laptop computers, Lenovo is better option for individuals hunting reasonably priced rates. So look on the internet and look for the laptops that suit your budget and additionally requirements inside the ideal possible method.

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