The Mobile PC, Redefined – Transformer 3 T305 | ASUS

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The Mobile PC, Redefined - Transformer 3 T305 | ASUS

Engineered to be portable, powerful and beautiful, the ASUS Transformer 3 is a true all-rounder. The 7th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 processors with a SSD lives in aAuthor: TechnologyTVTags: Mobile Redefined Transformer T305 ASUS Posted: 16 November 2016
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DEAD SPACE 2 1920x1080 MAXED ATI 4850 @750MHz Phenom II X4 @3.5GHz

DEAD SPACE 2 1920x1080 MAXED ATI 4850 @750MHz Phenom II X4 @3.5GHz

Rig Specs:

Case: Asus TA-8G1 Black
Mobo: Gigabyte 870A UD3
RAM : 2X2GB Corsair XMS3 DDR3-1600 CL 9-9-9-24
CPU : AMD X3-720 unlocked to X4
CPU cooler : Thermatake FRIO
PSU : Enermax Galaxy 850W PSU

Kindly be advised, that all my videos that feature MSI Afterburner fps counter display (the red or the green counter), take about a 5.5% performance hit, in dual gpu mode and about 4% in single gpu mSee Original Article

Are Professionals a Must to Do Away With Technical Anomalies of Asus Computers

In the first place is the positive description of Asus computers and how it assists end users in their daily routine. This is followed by the hardware and software issues that can strike them due to any unavoidable circumstance. Lastly, it is directed to aim for Asus computer help for the rectification of problems.

ASUSTeK Computer Inc. is a corporation that falls into the computer hardware electronics industry. It yields a number of products extending from Table PCs to laptops to many other electronic items. The company’s other productions are mobile/smartphones, LCDs, networking equipment, mother boards, monitors, servers, graphics card, workstations, optical storage, video cards and other multimedia products. Nevertheless, we are not going into the details of the company’s other products now. Basically, for now, specifically in this article we are going to stick on the brand’s computers only.

There’s no hesitation in projecting Asus as the arena of high end computers. Both its hardware and software are distinguishing elements that have been configured in quite a logical manner so as to make it a wholesome product, capable enough to deliver extensive computing services. When compared to other old renowned brands it excels over them in a number of aspects and has become one of the most notable computing machines. However, what really upset the end users are the technical irregularities that creep in and make a comfortable place within. The cause of the loopholes may pertain to a variety of factors, which might be an anomaly in hardware and/or software or any other reason. Suffering from such a ground breaking situation Asus computer help seems to be the only remedy to the suffering caused.

An Usual ‘Asus’ Anomaly Discussed – Computer Screen Tribulation

It’s really a matter of worry when some kind of problem strikes the screen of the Asus laptop, irrespective of the model. Plentiful causes exist that may introduce this problem into the screen of the Windows compatible computers. This tribulation is seen as the third most frequent issue besides power cable and battery problems. And, the black screen glitch usually enters all of a sudden without prior information.

Despite you having properly switched off the computer the last time you worked on it, it might happen and it usually does that the computer may open up with a black screen without any backlight on the output display. When this happens, it does not always imply there’s an anomaly existing on the screen. It might be that the computer is not powered on or there’s some other terrible problem existing with Asus laptops, especially when it’s the Eee PC series computers. Or, it can also be that proper connection does not exist between the adapter and to the laptop/battery.

Another Troublesome Asus Computer Problem - Dead Pixels

With the passage of time, ‘dead pixel’ anomaly may arise in the computers of Asus brand. What actually happens is that the pixels begin displaying a dissimilar color inconsistent with the picture showcased on the screen. This comes up as a tiny red or green dot on the display that continuously stares at user for the complete duration the computer is used. When computer suffers from pixel issues the only way to get it rectified is replacement of the screen.

Bottom Line Drawn

To excel over the dead pixel issue, black screen error or any other hardware/ software subject, it is recommended that the end users do not get tangled in the technical complexities but be determined for Asus computer help by a professional only. If there arises any confusion users can rely on the present article and pen down their concern to the associates of SupportMart Technical Services. This is for the reason that they benefit users with error-free eminent support system.

The author is in the ground of the technical-support industry since years. It has earned a lot of appreciation for its cutting–edge support services that it provides for computers and other related issues. The corporation renders Asus computer help round the clock and 365 days a year without interruption.

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