The "I just bought/ordered/got/shipped my new/refurb MBA" thread, merged

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The "I just bought/ordered/got/shipped my new/refurb MBA" thread, merged

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The next Macbook Pro redesign (merged)

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Power connector pin burnt out

My son in Greece needs a new PS for his 2010 model MacBook pro. These are £65 in UK. Wondering if I can order one via a Greek Apple store from UK or is it best to Buy in UK and send out there. His Mac is a UK model. Any advice contacts most welcome.
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Trapped in Windows 10

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Eight Very Useful But Lesser Known Apps in Your MacBook

Eight Apps for Tuning and Repairing Your Beloved MacBook

Similar to Windows OS platforms, the MacBook has also got a set of eight tools in the Utilities folder for performing tuning and repair functions.

When it comes to notebook computers, MacBook brand of devices are the most popular ones which are manufactured by Apple. It was introduced in the early 2006 for replacing the iBook series and the 12-inch PowerBook series of notebooks and they were aimed at the consumer and education markets. MacBooks were the best selling Macintosh devices and its mid-range models were the single best selling laptop of any brand in US retail stores after introducing in the market. Apple also provided better Mac repair services for its MacBook versions at its popular retail stores. Similar to its Windows counterpart, the MacBook has also got inbuilt or pre-installed apps in the Utilities folder. There are eight lesser known apps in the Utilities folder that have gotten some neat tips and tricks for tuning and repairing your beloved MacBook device.

€ Disk Utility - The Disk Utility app in the Mac OS X does an excellent job of cleaning the OS by throwing out old log files and keeping the hard drives healthy. The app consists of mainly two options, €Repair Disk' and €Repair Disk Permissions' and both these are safe things to do,but before performing any of these functions, it is recommended to back-up your disk. When an issue is found, and often are minor problems, the Disk Utility app can fix it for you.

€ Activity Monitor - It is used to keep an eye on the Memory, CPU and Energy usage processes. Among these three, energy process is more important as most applications such as Photoshop and work suite can use a lot of energy, even when these apps are not in use. Even Safari and Time Machine are energy-consuming apps and if you need to get as much power out of your MacBook as possible, check the Energy use panel regularly.

€ DigitalColor Meter - This tool is useful for professional web developers or designers who want to know the values of a color. When you open the DigitalColor Meter app, you can drift over any part of the screen and press shft+command+c and copy that color value so you can paste it elsewhere.

€ Grab - When it comes Mac OS, you need external apps for making screenshots as the Mac OS has the ability to do so. For making screenshots, you need to remember the keyboard shortcuts for the whole screen or part of the screen. The Grab app includes few more options such as Screen, Selections, Timed and window and if you check the settings you can even change the cursor.

€ Console - The Console app helps you find out processes that are running in the background that slow down your Mac. There are apps which you deleted months ago, which generate a bunch of errors every five minutes and the Console app will show those apps that are causing the problems.

€ System Information - As the name suggests, this app displays everything about your MacBook device. You can see what kind of hardware specs your device possesses, which all software you have installed and how much storage you have. If your MacBook device needs to be repaired or ever gets stolen it can be very convenient to have a report with the exact specs for your device, consisting of the serial number and every version.

€ Keychain Access - Keychain app showcase all of your passwords stored and after you authenticate yourself, you can browse through them. With this utility app, you can look for a password when you need it.

€ Voice-over Utility - You know that your MacBook can talk to you and there are those who never use it. The basic functionality is somewhat limited if you access them in the Accessibility panel in the System settings. But the voice-over utility app provides more options than the basic voice functionality.

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