Sony Exec Teases Big Things Coming, Paris Games Week Could Have Serious Reveals

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Sony Exec Teases Big Things Coming, Paris Games Week Could Have Serious Reveals

It shouldn't come as a big surprise that Sony is trying to get people quite hyped for the upcoming Paris Games week. Because the company skipped ...
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New home projectors from Sony, JVC, and Epson (pictures)

At the CEDIA Expo last week, Sony, Epson and JVC all announced new projectors. Some are shipping now, some are shipping soon. With up to 6,000 ...
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Sony Continues To Build Its VR Lineup

However, Sony's director of strategy, Shahid Kamal Ahmed has unveiled some insights via his messages on social media. In a session with fans on ...
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Spark launches Sony Xperia™ Z5, 'Made for Bond'

Spark has announced the new Sony Xperia™ Z5 is available in-store and online at from today. The flagship device is an operator ...
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How to Reset Windows 7 Password on Sony VAIO Laptop or Notebook?

Sure it is annoying to find that no matter how much you are trying to boot your Sony VAIO laptop, it won't start up anyways. Rather than banging the laptop against the wall, how about trying out some easy troubleshooting steps to fix the issue? Yes, you can try them out too even if you are a beginner. Our solution steps do not require you to be a geek to try them out; in just a few minutes you should get your laptop up and going.

Here's what you can do to initiate the process:

1. Press the 'Power' button to turn on your laptop. Make sure that the power light is turned on when you turn on your laptop. If it is not turned on, then make sure that adequate power supply is available to your laptop.

2. If your VAIO laptop is plugged in to an AC outlet, ensure that the AC outlet is providing adequate power supply to your system. In order to verify that sufficient power supply is streaming in, plug another electrical device to that AC outlet to check it.

3. If your VAIO laptop is running on battery power or any other external power source, then plug your system into an AC outlet by connecting it through an AC adaptor. Ensure the safety of the power cord and AC adaptor connections.

You can also perform the following checks in order to ensure proper working of your Sony laptop:

Remove primary as well as travel battery packs. Plug your Sony laptop into an AC outlet using the AC adaptor. If your system turns on it means that one of your battery packs needs to be replaced.

If the battery light is blinking, it means that your battery pack has reached low battery condition. In such a case, plug your laptop in to an AC outlet using the AC adaptor. Allow the battery to charge for some time.

Blow air through the fans in to your laptop and while doing that, just make sure that you physically stop them from spinning. It is necessary to do this to prevent fan from getting damaged.

Clean the fans with a clean cotton cloth. Now, if the fans spin freely the moment you give them a spin, it means they are perfectly fine. If you notice any other condition, understand that it is replacement time.

Clean the 'Cooling Vents' as buildup inside these vents can impede the proper cooling process of the same.

Clean I/O Ports by cleaning the debris which might have accumulated in and around these ports.

Clean the RAM with a soft rubber, avoiding any contact with the golden edge of the memory stick. While doing this, disconnect your laptop from the power source. You can also use Cooling Chill Mat to help cool the unit.

Keep the above steps handy just in case you may need to refer to them again in the future. And, if at any time during the process, you require professional help, you can visit official website of Sony. Also you can contact third party tech support companies like iYogi and GeekSquad that offer you instant support and help you get rid of whatever errors you are struggling with on your Windows 7-based PC.

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