Say goodbye to Sony's PlayStation TV microconsole

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Say goodbye to Sony's PlayStation TV microconsole

Bid your final farewell to the Sony Playstation TV. After two short years on store shelves, Sony has confirmed to CNET that it will no longer be shipping ...
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Sony's new concepts include a creepy miniature camera and a high-tech projector

Sony is bringing more than just the usual new smartphone announcements to Mobile World Congress. The company is also trying to peer into the ...
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How Long Is Kesha Under Contract With Sony? She Might Not Release New Music For Years

She claims Dr. Luke physically, mentally, and sexually abused her during their decade of collaboration and now wishes to end her contract with Sony ...
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Sony Working On Mobile VR Headset To Challenge Gear VR As It Resets Smartphone Strategy

Sony Mobile VR Coming Say Exec Sony has confirmed it is working on a smartphone VR headset which will take on Samsung's Gear VR market ...
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Get Rid Of Sluggish PC Speed With Sony VAIO Support

When it comes in a sleek design with good system configuration, Sony VAIO is the first name that pops into our mind. It is a popular computer and laptop brand that has served the user for years. Although, its manufacturing has been terminated, but thousands of users still use it for better performance. If you want your system to keep on performing like it used to do, then you need to take proper care of it or consult Sony VAIO support for the same.

As the days go by, your Sony VAIO speed becomes sluggish. Low or no maintenance is the prime reason for this. If you don't take proper care of your system, then it will slow down or even starts to hang. The best way to keep up your system's speed is by following the below mentioned tricks and tips so that you don't face any major problems with your Sony VAIO laptop in future.

1) Get Rid Of Unwanted And Unused Programs

If you are using your Sony VAIO computer or laptop for a long time, then it might have some or many software programs that you rarely use or have no use at all. It is important to remove these programs and save some space on your system so that it does not go slow. To do this, you can go to Programs and Features under Control Panel and chunk out the software application that is of no use at all.

2) Clean Up Your System

Another unwanted files that automatically generated while you perform any work are the junk files. This includes your temporary files, registry files, search history, cookies, caches and many more. It is essential that your system is free from these files so that you can easily work on your system. There is even a tool called 'Disk Cleanup' that will help you clean up these junk files easily. If you are not sure about the cleanup procedure, then get a Sony VAIO help to remove these files.

3) Defrag Your Disk

Sometime you system slows down only during the startup or shutdown of your Sony VAIO computer. This might be because your disk is not organized. As a result, it takes more time for your computer to load the software and programs and start your system. To organize your disk in a better way, a user can use Disk Defragmentation tool. All you need to do is go to the Start Menu and search for Disk Defragmentation. Click on it and choose the drive that you want to defrag. Now, you can initiate the process and restart your computer once it is completed. You will observe better speed in shutting down after this.

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