Samsung India claims 45% share in high-end smartphone market

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Samsung India claims 45% share in high-end smartphone market

NEW DELHI: Samsung India's smartphone arm has said that it garnered over 45% market share of smartphones in the price band of over Rs 40,000.
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Do Buy Samsung Laptop If Design Is a Criterion to Meet

As you enter into 21st century, you feel the need to avoid usage of classic computer systems. This has happened due to varied features a laptop provides. Also there are many companies in market that sell laptops. Buy Samsung laptop for a matter of fact if slimy features and design you wish to go for. Or you can also prefer from varieties available from HP, Dell or Acer.

A laptop is basically a portable computer that is meant for mobility purpose. It can be divide further into several kinds like:- Ultra book, Handheld PC, Ultra mobile PC, Tablet PC, Netbook or a full size laptop.

The advantages of laptops over desktops are given for you to decide whether to go for laptops or not.

Light weight - Laptops are light in weight compared to the traditional desktops and easy to carry here and there.

Space saver- Since laptops have external components inside a single module, the space availed by laptop is far less than a traditional computer system. Components like mouse, CPU etc. are present inside the laptop.

On the road computer- Easy to take and carry anywhere, laptops are easy to take anywhere unlike desktops as they are light in weight.
Now there are certain things that are to be checked while purchasing a laptop. These are:

Memory- This factor caters to RAM in a laptop. Applications and operating system depend on the size of the memory. There will always be a need to load more applications. There will be no need to upgrade the laptop if the laptop purchased is of large RAM or memory.
Multiple ports- What is a good laptop without multiple ports in it. They can be used for varied purposes like connecting a mouse, downloading or uploading music, pictures through connecting cell phones, or even to connect the external USB drive that helps in carrying data here and there.

Battery life- For those who love to travel, battery life is a factor that one needs to consider while purchasing their laptops. For an average laptop the battery life is 4 hours. The life of the battery also depends on the graphics and screen size of the laptop. For people who don't mind carrying an extra battery backup along and load is not a problem for them, the additional battery backup is an option.

There are many laptops in market available with many vendors local and international but the best ones include the following:

1. HP Laptops- Buy HP laptop if features and ease of use is the criteria for you.

2. Dell Laptops- Or if nothing is the criteria then simply Buy Dell Laptop with some sleek design.

3. Samsung Laptops- Buy Samsung laptops if design is the factor you look for in a laptop
It is no surprise that laptops have slowly replaced and will be gradually replacing desktop systems completely going ahead because of its benefits over desktops. One should choose between the two carefully and with the utility that the item possess.

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