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Phoronix on Twitter: "#Toshiba #Laptops To Be Better Supported By #Linux 4.3, The #Microsoft ...

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Toshiba Announces Its Highest Capacity Enterprise Cloud HDD

Dateline City:

IRVINE, Calif.

New drives combine 6TB with 7,200 RPM performance

IRVINE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Storage Products Business Unit of Toshiba America Electronic
Components, Inc., a committed technology leader, announces a new,
high-capacity addition to the MC04 Series launched in May of last year.
The 6TB1 version of the MC04 See Original Article

Toshiba’s CT Vitality Is First Software to Automate CT Protocol Management

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TUSTIN, Calif.

Enables Healthcare Networks to Manage CT Protocols for Better Efficiency and Safety

TUSTIN, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--For the first time, healthcare networks can now remotely manage CT
protocols and capture valuable analytics that could improve safety with
Toshiba America Medical Systems, Inc.’s CT Vitality softwSee Original Article

Toshiba Introduces New Lineup of Cutting-Edge Internal Hard Disk Drive Upgrades

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IRVINE, Calif.

Four new and reliable SATA hard disk drives upgrades for desktop PCs, laptops and game consoles

IRVINE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Toshiba’s Digital
Products Division (DPD), a division of Toshiba America Information
Systems, Inc., announced today four new performance internal hard disk
drive (HDD) models thSee Original Article

Solving the Problem of Automatic System Restart in Toshiba Laptop

Among the various popular computer brands, the Toshiba computers are among the handful ones that are first choice of both an average PC user as well as an expert PC user. The reasons why the Toshiba computers are so popular among the users are its support for various operating systems, strong system specifications, and the economic price. Plus the company offers a huge variation of quality laptops and desktops that are designed to suit various users' needs. All the models of Toshiba laptops and desktops are fast, easy to use, and provide the best computing environment. Whatever tasks you throw at the Toshiba computers, they complete them in an effective and efficient way.
However, two factors: time and continual usage of the Toshiba computers plays a very important role in the performance and lifetime of the computer. Users are often complaining about issues and errors that occur in the Toshiba laptops. During a long course of use of a Toshiba laptop, various issues often pops-up; some issues arise because of hardware problems and some because of the software problems. Irrespective of the reasons, each single issue with the Toshiba laptop needs to be fixed. Some minor issues can be fixed by you. But solving different technical issues is not everyone's forte. Plus some technical issues are also above the expertise levels of advanced users. So whenever you face an issue that you can't fix on your own, then it is best that you dial the number to Toshiba support and then avail the required help.

The problem of automatic system restarts in Toshiba laptop
Among the various issues one very commonly reported issue in Toshiba laptop is the problem of automatic system restart. People using Windows 7 often complain that their Toshiba laptop automatically restarts on its own. One possible reason behind this problem is that in Windows 7 there is a built-in mode, which automatically restarts the computer whenever an error occurs. If this happens too often then there could be further issues that need to be addressed.

Steps to detect the possible reason for automatic system restart
In order to find out the error that is causing the automatic system restart, you need to turn off the above discussed mode. Follow the below mentioned steps to detect the reasons that is causing the laptop to auto-restart:
Open the Start Menu and right-click on Computer and then select Properties
Click on Advanced System Settings option to open the respective window
Once the window is open, select the Advanced tab and under Startup and Recovery heading, and click on Settings
You'll get a new window. In this window, under the System failure heading uncheck the box present next to Automatic restart.
After completing these steps, whenever an error in the Toshiba laptop occurs, then the computer will not restart. But a screen containing the error message will appear. All you have to do is take a note of the 0x number under the Technical Information heading and place support request to Toshiba support. There are various good support sources like SupportBuddy and a few others whom you can contact for Toshiba support. Simply get in touch with them whenever required and get the issues resolved.

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The bottom-line is, Toshiba computers are really good companions to carry out complex and easy computing tasks. But errors and problems in these computers also do arise. Simply avail the technical support like, laptop support, virus removal support, AVG customer service, OS update service etc., when you can't fix the issues on your own.

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