Macbook pro retina Turbo Boost function working?

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Macbook pro retina Turbo Boost function working?

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All You Should Know About MacBooks

MacBook is the brand of the Macintosh notebook computers that are manufactured by the Apple Incorporation from the early times of 2006 to 2011. It replaced iBook series and the PowerBook 12-inch series of the notebooks as part of the transition of Apple-Intel from PowerPC. The Apple MacBook, positioned as low end of Macbook family, was aimed at education and consumer markets. It has been the most popular and best-selling Macintosh ever in the history. According to a sales-research organization in October 2008, MacBook mid-range model was best-selling single laptop of all the brands in the retails stores of US for preceding 5 months.

In total, there have been 3 separate designs of MacBook: original model used combination of the fiberglass and polycarbonate casing that was basically modeled after iBook G4. Second type was introduced in the October of 2008 alongside the MacBook Pro 15-inch laptops that used the same aluminum casing to 15-inch Pro, rebranded and updated as MacBook Pro (13-inch) at the June 2009 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. Third design was introduced in the October of 2009 that used unibody polycarbonate shell. On the 20th of July 2011, MacBook was discontinued quietly for the consumer purchase in the favor of new MacBook Air. They continued selling MacBook to the educational institutions until the February 2012. MacBook has been effectively superseded by the all new MacBook Air.

Glossy widescreen display: MacBook 17-inch laptops could be ordered with higher resolution of the 1920x1200. You can also order the 17 and the 15-inch laptop with reduced-glare screens rather than standard glossy models. Many graphic designers think that the glare interferes with the precision color editing.

Sandy Bridge processor by Intel: MacBook 13-inch laptop has 2 processor cores; 17 and the 15-inch models have 4 cores. All the models come with 4GB of the RAM at least. The 2 SO-DIMM slots can support upto 8GB of the RAM.

Backlit full-size keyboard: Keyboard includes 4 arrow keys and 12 function keys.

Intel HD 3000 graphic processor: Those models which are more expensive in price add graphics memory and AMD Radeon HD.

A 750GB hard drive on 17-inch, 500GB on 15-inch & 320GB on 13-inch laptop model: You could order the mac pro memory with the solid-state or larger disk drives.

Multi-Touch scrolling trackpad for the cursor control: Senses 1, 2, 3, or 4 fingers, allowing for wide variety of the gestures.

2 USB 2.0 ports.

Thunderbolt port with the Mini DisplayPort support.

An aluminum case.

The lithium-polymer battery: Battery supports upto 7 hours of the wireless web use.

The cable connections of MacBoo Pro include:
Gigabit Ethernet

MagSafe power connector

FireWire port 800 Mbps

SDXC card slot ( for 15-inch and 13-inch laptop models) or the ExpressCard/34 slot (for the 17-inch models)

Combined digital audio headphone out/output- 3.5mm minijack

Combined digital audio audio line in/input- 3.5mm minijack (for the 17-inch and 13-inch models)

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