Lenovo Shows Off Holiday PC Lineup

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Lenovo Shows Off Holiday PC Lineup

The Lenovo Chromebook 100S is also coming this October for just $179, a simple 11.6-inch laptop weighing 2.6 pounds with an HD display and the ...
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Xiaomi To Launch Laptops To Compete With MacBook, ThinkPad

Xiaomi Corp., nicknamed the "Apple of China" is planning to launch laptops, a report by Bloomberg said. The Chinese brand has been pausing a ...
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Gigabyte Refreshes Gaming Laptop Lineup With Skylake, Shares Few Details

Gigabyte is preparing to release new versions of each of the company's gaming laptops. The upcoming models will feature Intel's 6th Generation Core ...
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Xiaomi is rumored to be working on a Laptop... running Linux!

It's now rumored that the third largest maker of smartphones on the planet and a Chinese powerhouse is going to release their first-ever laptop. This is ...
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Choosing Between Laptop and Notebook

here was a time when gradually replacing the age old desktop PCs, laptops assumed the driver's seat in the industry. There were several reasons for it but the greatest reason was portability that the desktops did not have. Now again a time has come when notebook and tablet computers are gradually replacing laptops from their hitherto top position they occupied.

Reasons for Preference of Laptops over Desktops
Reasons for shifting of preferences from desktop to laptop were as follows.
Desktops were static and could not be moved from one place to another.
Laptops were portable and could be moved from one place to another.
Laptops could run without power after being charged for a few hours.
No such facilities of running desktops beyond 15/20 minutes time even with the best UPS were available.
People on the move had only one solution; the laptop.

Why Preference Shifted from Laptop to Notebook and Tablets
But towards the end of the last decade and especially during the first three years of the current decade, the preference started moving further and away from laptops to notebook and tablet computers. Various reasons contributed to it.
Despite being portable, laptops were still heavy and required a briefcase type bag to carry.
It could generate a lot of heat to make it truly comfortable for use on the laps.
Notebooks and tablets were much smaller and lighter in comparison and they could perform all the tasks that were earlier performed with the use of laptops.

Plugging the Deficiencies
Some people may consider notebook computers deficient at least on one aspect. These computers do not have the facilities of CD ROM drive as they are not built in the unit. However, the users can attach the drive using a cable and this deficiency can be suitably plugged. Thus after taking such steps, the user will have fewer complaints to make. Many notebooks have more USB ports and one can plug in multiple external devices to it.

Notebook Advantages Over Laptops
On the other hand the advantages of notebook computers are that -
They are lighter and smaller than laptop but they do not fall behind in features and applications.
This means the user can perform all the tasks with notebooks as they were doing with laptops.
Best part of it is that notebooks do not emit as much heat as the laptops.
Thus notebooks can be described as ultra small laptops as they are truly ultra portable.
Some of the notebooks also have amazing battery powers and normally notebooks consume less battery power than laptops and can run longer without being recharged.

While comparing laptops and notebooks a word needs to be mentioned about the latest craze among the users; the tablet computers. They are mobile computers in which the user can virtually twist the monitor by 360 degrees and in addition; they have power to capture the handwriting of the user through stylus pen. They also have greater mobility in comparison to laptops and notebooks.