Just Listed! Dell Color Laser Consolidates Workload

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Just Listed! Dell Color Laser Consolidates Workload

Dell Multifunction Color Laser 3115cn is a Top Producer - Delivering High-Performance with All-in-One Convenience
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Gamers Gain Supremacy With Dell Xps M1730

Step Up Realism with AGEIA PhysX Mobile Technology ? A World First in Notebooks, Never Leave the Game with Built-In GamePanel LCD, Overclock with Latest Intel Core 2 Extreme Mobile Processor, NVIDIA SLI Technology with dual DirectX 10-ready GeForce GPUs
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Dell Drives Advanced Storage Technologies Downstream

Dell today launched an enhanced Dell/EMC AX disk storage system, the next-generation of its affordable, easy-to-install storage area networking (SAN) offering.
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Dell Spearheads Redesigned Energy-Saving Desktop Line for Business with Model That Reduces Complexity, Drives Efficiencies

Company Projects Potential Total Power Savings for Enterprise Users at Nearly $1 Billion Yearly

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Troubleshooting Dell Laptops

Dell laptops are one of the most popular and trusted laptop brand that has huge customer support on their side. One of the reasons of their popularity is that they are durable, yet reasonably priced. However, there are some problems that are commonly faced by Dell users. Some of these issues are tricky and can only be taken care by professional Dell Techncians. To get that fixed, you need to contact Dell Help Center. Before you call up Dell Help Center, here are some of the handy troubleshooting tips that can be tried by the users:

Check if there is any pop-up or alerts related to updates, problems or compatibility in the lower right corner of your laptop screen. The problem could be related to these pop-ups and alerts.

Many times, Dell laptop restarts automatically or a clue screen of death appears on your screen. This means the problem is related software installed. Try to remove the software. If the problem still continues, you can do a system restore which will bring the old settings back to your system.

If you are facing laptop charging issues, then you need to check the AC adapter and the power supply. Or you can take your battery out of your Dell laptop and put it back after 20 seconds.

If your computer is running very slow, you can restart the system. If the problem is still there, then you need to perform a disk cleanup. You can use Windows tools or any third party clean up tool to perform this action.

The above tips are the general troubleshooting tips that can be performed for your laptop to work better and faster. Here are the specific troubleshooting tips for some particular issues that are quite common with Dell Laptops.

If you are suing CPU-intensive program like playing games and watch DVD or Blu-ray disc, then your laptop might face overheating problems. Sudden shut down or restarting or random freezing are also the signs of overheating. The primary cause of over-heating in Dell Laptops can be due to improper ventilation or dust or dent collected in vent or system fans. To troubleshoot this problem, you can follow these steps:
Keep and use your laptop in room temperature. Also keep them on hard and flat surface for proper airflow to the cooling fans and vents. Avoid keep them on a cloth surface.

Regularly clean the vent and system fan to remove any dust or dirt that might be obstructing your laptop's motherboard.
Update the basic input/output system (BIOS). An outdated BIOS can load had tables to your laptop that might be the cause of overheating. You can go to official Dell Support website. On the 'Driver and Downloads' page, you will get the updated BIOS after typing your laptop's model number and following the instructions.

If you are facing sudden black screen on your laptop, then there are many factors that need to be checked. Some of the troubleshooting tricks are:

Make sure that the laptop is turned on. Also check if the battery is charged or the power supply is properly plugged in with the led light flashed on.

Adjust the brightness of the screen. Hold the function key on your keyboard and press "up" arrow key to increase the brightness.

Try connecting your laptop with an external monitor with the help of video spot on the back of your system. If the monitor gives you video then the problem is with your laptop screen. If you do not see any video in external monitor too, then the graphics card or the motherboard has been damaged. You need to go to Dell service center to get that fixed.

There are times when your keyboard or a specific key on your keyboard stops working. If you are facing any issues like that then follow these troubleshoot steps:

Unplug every peripheral device like printers, scanners, external mouse, speaker, USB devices and restart your laptop.

If the problem gets fixed after this, plug and re-plug each device to check which one of them is causing the problem. Troubleshoot or remove that particular peripheral.

Uninstall any third party keyboard software, macros or external drivers.

Dirt is also a cause for keyboard malfunction. Clean your keyboard and make sure that nothing is stuck in the keyboard.


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