How HP's marketers increased their influence

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How HP's marketers increased their influence

Lucio joined Hewlett-Packard in May 2015, a few months before the organisation split into two distinct corporations, with HP Inc. selling laptops, ...
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HP’s new x360 laptops miss the point of 4K on the Spectre but get security right with the EliteBook

 The Spectre 13 x360 I strangely loved from late last year is back with a 4K screen and pen support for the Windows Creators update that went global this month. Read More
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Data Recovery for Hewlett-Packard Computers

Hewlett-Packard is one of the world's leading computer and electronics manufacturers. They offer a full line of desktop and laptop computers as well as tablet PCs. HP computers are well known for their quality and reliability.

Despite this, all computers have the potential to break down and fail, taking your precious files and information with them. This can happen due to physical damage, mechanical failure, computer viruses and malware, or an operating system crash.

This loss of data could cause problems ranging from mild inconvenience to a complete shutdown of your business. Fortunately, in many cases, your information can be restored with the help of a reputable data recovery company []. Particularly if your data is business related, it's crucial to protect your data and recover it quickly if disaster strikes.

Signs that indicate hard drive failure

One of the best defences against data loss is to recognize the signs that your hard drive is about to fail. Occasionally hard drives can fail suddenly, but most often it is a gradually process with telltale warning signs. The most common signs are:

1. A loud clicking or grinding noise coming from your hard drive.
This is a sign that you have a problem with the read/write heads on your hard drive. Your hard drive should make a soft whirring sound when it is powered on, but any loud noises are a sign of danger.

2. Missing files.
Occasionally, a failing hard drive may cause files to be deleted without reason. This may indicate file corruption or bad sectors on the drive.

3. Extremely slow operation or freezing up.

All computers freeze up or run slowly on occasion, but if this is a regular occurrence, it's likely a sign that your hard drive is on the way out.

4. Your computer shuts down and reboots on its own or locks up while booting.
Again, if this happens very occasionally it may not be a problem, but if it becomes a regular issue, your hard drive has a problem.

5. The system BIOS doesn't recognize your hard drive or identifies it incorrectly.
If the system BIOS doesn't recognize your hard drive at all, there is likely a physical problem with the drive. If it recognizes it, but labels it incorrectly, it's likely a software or firmware problem.

What to do about it

If your computer shows signs of hard ware failure, the first thing to do is back up any files that you need and don't already have backed up. Start with the most important files first.

Once you've backed up your files, shutdown your computer. Continuing to use your hard drive in its compromised state may cause you to overwrite any data that is stored on it. You will need to purchase a new hard drive as soon as you can.

If you were unable to back up your files, you may need to take your drive to a data recovery firm to retrieve your files and information.
Hewlett-Packard offers its own data recovery service and you can purchase a one to three year package in conjunction with your hardware warranty or HP Care Pack warranty.

The plan allows you access to:
- No cost of data recovery should your HP computer fail.
- Free hard drive diagnosis.
- Get regular online updates on the status of your data recovery.
- Receive your recovered files on DVD.
- As many recoveries as you need for the term of your agreement.

The plan doesn't apply to RAID data arrays with more than two hard drives installed and there is a 30 day waiting period if your data recovery plan is purchased separately from your hardware. In this case, your best bet for success retrieving your data is to hire a firm that specializes in RAID data recovery [].

Regardless of your circumstances, the best defence against data loss and the headaches it creates is to regularly back up your data to an external hard drive, CDs/DVDs or use an online data backup service. Knowing that your data is safe gives you peace of mind and protects you from losing precious information or vital business data.

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