Fancy eating underwater? This Samsung virtual reality restaurant is the weirdest thing you'll see all …

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Fancy eating underwater? This Samsung virtual reality restaurant is the weirdest thing you'll see all ...

Samsung believes the future of dining is to strap a virtual reality headset to your face and pretend you are eating dinner while underwater and ...
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How Samsung Brought the Gear VR and Gear S2 to India

Samsung planned to get all these accessories to India sooner, revealed Manu Sharma, Director, Marketing, IT, and Mobile at Samsung India, in a chat ...
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Robert King: Samsung Vice President on the future of TV, Quantum Dot and all-powerful remote ...

For the last ten years, Samsung has been the dominant world power, being number one in multiple markets thanks to aggressively-priced, starkly ...
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Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge Release Update: Zauba DB Entry Confirms Display Size

Samsung galaxy s6 edge Testing units of Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge have been flown from South Korea to India for evaluation. In the process, the Zauba ...
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Buy Samsung Tablets to Enjoy Outstanding Performance

Today, electronic gadgets of advanced designs and models can be seen in the market. Tablets introduced by Samsung are one such innovative device with several striking features. As you know Samsung is a reliable and trusted name in the mobile and computer manufacturing industries and many people prefer to buy the gadgets from Samsung. It is advisable for people who are gadget freak and love to enjoy the cutting edge technology of today can buy Samsung tablets. The tablets from this manufacturer will definitely attract you. It is your unique opportunity to enjoy a tablet with unique features.

Samsung - A trusted name
Samsung is a reliable and trusted name for the purchases of laptops because all of its products are made with the latest technology. Besides, all their electronic gadgets are available at affordable prices. All the Samsung electronic items are suitable for technology savvy people who would love to own the over-top-gadgets with the most striking features. The Beats Audio element of Samsung tablets offers remarkable sound essence which is a popular feature of these Samsung laptops. Buy Samsung Galaxy Tab to enjoy the most advanced features of Samsung laptops. It can certainly satisfy the techno-savvy person in you.

Striking features of Samsung Android tab
You will just love the portable design of Samsung Android tab which is suitable to keep up with the busy lifestyle of today. The powerful web capabilities, 3g connectivity and Wi-Fi of this electronic gadget will certainly attract every technology enthusiast in the world. With these striking features, you will be able to access internet wherever you are. Android Tab from Samsung offers portability and comfort to the users. You can certainly enjoy superior- quality entertainment options at your fingertips due to its 3.2 Android Honeycomb operating system and 7€ user-friendly touchscreen. Besides, the Android Tab of Samsung is powered by a 1.2 GHz fast Dual Core Processor.

Multi-task gadget
With the release of Samsung Android Tablets, Android lovers from all over the world will get a fine alternative to Apple's iPad. You will certainly love the speedy performance of this gadget. It is a highly responsive and zippy android tablet. With third party applications like Facebook, it can perform multi-tasks, another notable feature of this device. Unlike other portable devices, this Android tablet does not get warm easily after watching video or other heavy resource operations. File and software compatibility is a strong point of Galaxy Tab from Samsung. Buy Samsung tablets in order to enjoy all these exciting features.

Outstanding performance
You will never regret to buy Samsung Galaxy Tab because of the advantages that it offers. It has both front and back facing cameras with which you can take excellent photographs and store them for future use. You can enjoy around 6 hours of battery life based on the programs that you are running and the brightness of the screen. You can turn your galaxy tab into a mobile Hotspot of 3G. You can enjoy outstanding 3G performance by using Samsung Galaxy Tab. Of course, it is a smart device suitable to adjust with the busy life schedule of you.

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