Dreams and Accomplishments, Ten Years in the Making

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Dreams and Accomplishments, Ten Years in the Making

January 6th. Maybe it’s somebody’s birthday, or someone’s wedding anniversary, but to most people, it’s just an ordinary day. This past January 6th, 2 days ago, to me has a very special meaning. I clearly remember ten years ago, when we embraced the dream of letting Chinese people enter the Internet age, and brought the Tianxi computer to Las Vegas. ten years later, at the same CES show in Las Vegas, we released Lenovo’s newest Mobile Internet Strategy and three brand new terminalSee Original Article

Happy Lenovo - 2011 Calendar -

2011 Calendar in ID card holder with a view of Yokohama Minatomirai

The "Happy Lenovo" team prepared this year's calendar. It has the holidays of Japan, the United States, and China, all in the size of a credit card. Useful and handy in our new contactless ID card holders. We are glad to provide this calendar to you again this year. Enjoy!

2011 Calendar   

Happy Lenovo - 2010 Calendar -   
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Developers on ThinkPad Tablet 2: User Experience/Software

Following on from our third article, "Developers on ThinkPad Tablet 2: User Experience/Hardware", we once again speak directly with the developers.

In this fourth article, we focus on the software development directly affecting the user experience. We interviewed two engineers from the software department: one who worked on device drivers for the legendary 700C digitizer pen model and the 750T, in addition to APS (Active Protection System) development, and another who was temporarily pSee Original Article

A White Christmas


It's almost as though the snow is accumulating on our ThinkPad. Snow made of dust... Thermal management technology is commonly acknowledged as a core technology of ThinkPad. The technology continues to develop each year, but as the intake of air increases, the amount of dust and lint sucked in along with it also increases. This dust and lint impedes the flow of air inside the computer and the ability of the fan to dissipate heat suffers. As a result, when the tSee Original Article

Lenovo Technical Support and Help by PC Support Nerds

As we know Lenovo has been very popular in the Laptop & Desktop market. They are particularly famous for their stylish designs and good processor inspired by Japanese traditional Lunchbox. Today's Lenovo has launch many model in the market but the ThinkPad edition was one of the famous edition launched by IBM. However, in 2005 Lenovo purchased the brand from IBM.

You have experience certain software issues with the ThinkPad Laptop. There are few certain common problems that you can handle without resorting to the help of Lenovo Technical support website. Besides, we know Lenovo has a wide range of products, and finding a particular solution from the Lenovo support website can be difficult and time consuming. In this article, you will get some general guidelines to resolve or troubleshoot Lenovo ThinkPad software problems.
You have experiences some other Commonly Occurring Lenovo Problems are:

Lenovo support service experts at PC Support Nerds are presented different types of problems by the users of Lenovo products including -
Installing and setting up of a Lenovo Laptop and desktop products.
Problem that comes in configuring the security settings, privacy settings, and all other types of settings in a Lenovo Laptop and desktop products.
Difficulty in installing an email client software in a Lenovo PC Products.
Difficulty that comes in installing of an antivirus software in a Lenovo laptop and desktop products.
Problem in configuring the settings of the installed software or applications like MS Outlook, antivirus software, antispyware software, firewall, etc. for Lenovo PC.
Problem that comes in setting up network connections.
Problem that comes in configuring of Wi-Fi Internet settings.
Slow performance of a Lenovo Laptop and Desktop or Lenovo ultra-book.
Problem comes in updating of graphics card, driver software in Lenovo notebook and Desktop.
Trouble in updating Windows operating system from an older version to the latest Windows operating system.
Not clear screen appearing in a Lenovo desktop.
Difficulty in installing and optimizing the settings for the different types of the web browsers available in the market for Lenovo Laptop and desktop.
Trouble in Printing with Lenovo PC.
Third party applications are not functioning on a Lenovo computer.
Difficulty in setting up the power saver mode in a Lenovo computer and Laptop.

There are some other many issues that comes in Lenovo Laptop and desktop which troubleshoot by our highly expert Lenovo tech support team that resolve all your problem on one single call. This Lenovo Technical support website has many troubleshooting technique. However, if you are looking for any quick and reliable Lenovo Technical support, then you can visit to a good Lenovo tech support service. Before subscribing to such service, please ensure go through the service terms and conditions of the service. Choose those Lenovo technical support services that provide support round the clock. At 24*7 days services on one single call.


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