Dell XPS 12, XPS 13 And XPS 15 Hands-On: Ultra-Thin Bezel Laptops Get Windows 10, Intel …

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Dell XPS 12, XPS 13 And XPS 15 Hands-On: Ultra-Thin Bezel Laptops Get Windows 10, Intel ...

When Dell's XPS 13 launched earlier this year, it turned heads. Its 5.2mm bezel made it seem like the screen was almost invisible. Not only that, but ...
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Dell's XPS 15 Available Starting October 8

Dell figured that the existing XPS line of laptops was not good enough for its customers, so they decided to further improve them. Although the original ...
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New Dell Fixes Biggest Window Laptop Problem

Dell's revamped XPS 15 addresses one of the longest-running issues plaguing Windows laptops: lousy trackpads. WSJ's Joanna Stern tests it out.
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Acer and dell laptops!!!

Acer and dell laptops!!! - $250 (Duluth/ sugarloaf). . image 1 · image 2 · safety tips · prohibited items · product recalls · avoiding scams. Very good ...
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How Do I Connect My Dell Laptop to a Router?

How do I connect my laptop to my wireless router is generally the question that arises in your mind when you want to set up your Dell laptop with your wireless or wired router. You will indeed be more inclined to setting up a wireless connection because after all that's what a router is best designed for. Here is a Dell computer support tutorial for you to help connect your Dell laptop to your router in a few easy steps.

Step 1

Unpack your router and connect it to your broadband (hi-speed) modem using the Ethernet cable that came with it. Usually Ethernet is a yellow cable, which connects the router's LAN or WAN port to the hi-speed modem's Ethernet but it may come in different colors like blue or gray also. Connect the router and modem to their respective electricity outlets and turn them on. Wait as it may take some time to boot up these devices properly.

Step 2

If you need assistance connecting the router to the modem, refer to your router setup support manual that came with the router kit. When both router and modem are connected properly and turned on, turn on your Dell laptop also. Wait for the Windows to load properly. When done, insert the router setup disk in to the drive of your Dell laptop and wait. The automatic router installation wizard should fire up automatically.

Step 3

If the installation wizard does not come up automatically, click the Start button and point to My Computer. If your Dell laptop has Windows 7 or Vista, point to Computer from the Start button. You will see the removable media drive listed there with CDDVD-ROM icon. Double-click to open the router installation wizard. Click the Next button to continue. Accept the license terms when prompted. Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to one of the 4 LAN ports of your router and run its other end into the Ethernet ports of your Dell laptop.

Step 4

You should skip this step if you want to make your Dell laptop wireless. Install the necessary drivers and set up your wireless SSID name, WEP or WPA security, and channel number etc. Follow rest of the on-screen instructions and complete the installation of your router. When the installation finishes, reboot your Dell laptop. Wait while Windows loads up. When done, you will see a list of wireless networks in your system tray.

Step 5

Click the Open Network Connections icon in your system tray (at the extreme bottom right hand corner) and then click View Available Wireless Networks. You will see a list of the available wireless networks. Click your wireless network name and then click the Connect button. If prompted, enter your security key and then click Connect. It will take a moment and you will be connected to the Dell laptop Wi-Fi. Open your web browser and it should load your home page immediately.

Step 6

If you are using Windows 7 or Vista, click Open Network and Sharing Center, the wireless network icon in your system tray and you will see a list of available wireless networks. Click your wireless network and then click Connect. It will take a moment and you will be connected to the wireless network on your Dell laptop. You will see the option to Connect automatically to this network will be already checked. It means you need not enter your passkey the next time you will connect to your wireless network.

Step 7

At this point if you face difficulty connecting to the wireless router on your Dell laptop, contact Dell computer support. If the problem is related to your wireless router, contact the respective wireless router support service. Make a note of your wireless network details like SSID name, WEP or WPA encryption key etc. and keep it safe and away from the reach of unauthorized users.

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