Dell Unleashes Next-Generation Mobile Workstations with Desktop-Class Performance

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Dell Unleashes Next-Generation Mobile Workstations with Desktop-Class Performance

Dell today unveiled next-generation mobile workstations - the Dell Precision M90 and Dell Precision M65 - that further its leadership in mobile workstation-class performance, true notebook-like mobility and assured reliability.
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Notable Movers- Staples, Inc. (NASDAQ:SPLS), Century Aluminum Co (NASDAQ:CENX), Fifth Third Bancorp (NASDAQ:FITB), Dell Inc. (NASDAQ:DELL)

Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/23/2013 -- Value Stock Pick is a leading Investment Newsletter. Our Research Team conducts research on different stocks, doing their due diligence to provide a detailed report, including both technical and fundamental analysis, on NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, OTCBB and Pink Sheet Stocks. Let’s have a brief look at: Staples, Inc. (NASDAQ:SPLS), Century Aluminum Co (NASDAQ:CENX), Fifth Third Bancorp (NASDAQ:FITB), Dell Inc. (NASDAQ:DELL).
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Dell Introduces New Packaging That Takes Greenhouse Gases Out of the Air, Begins Building PCs With Plastics From Recycled Electronics

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Possible GPU upgrade for Precision M4600

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