Dell Kaby Lake i3 16" 2-in-1 Touch Laptop

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Dell Kaby Lake i3 16" 2-in-1 Touch Laptop

An early Dell Black Friday deal! Dell Home offers the 4.6-lb. Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Intel Kaby Lake Core i3 2.4GHz 15.6 2-in-1 Touchscreen Laptop for $399.99 with free shipping via its Member Purchase Program. That's $180 off and the best price we could find. It functions as a laptop or tablet and ...
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Dell reveals its early Black Friday sale, with 15% savings on a range of products

Dell has revealed that it is slashing 15% off the price of a number of laptops in its early Black Friday sale, which is running now and ends just before midnight on November 22. These deals are for a select number of products, and all you need to do is enter the code EARLYBIRD15 at the checkout for ...
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How To Cure Overheating In Dell Laptops

The consequences of overheating in Dell laptops are such as the laptop getting turned off repeatedly, damage to the data or even irreparable hardware loss. When the problem of overheating starts, it always results in repeated shutdowns. It becomes annoying while you work.
Before you face the day when the motherboard of your Dell laptop gets burnt, you need to follow the below things suggested by Dell Computer technical Support.

Do the cleanup

Most of the times, the overheating is caused by any blockage in the vents of the laptop�EUR(TM)s cooling fan. During overheating, laptop�EUR(TM)s fans make a lot of noise as they work very fast to cool it down. Overheating takes place because the fans of the laptop are blocked and the hot air is not released out of the vents. These vents can get blocked due to the dust particles or any kind of fluff stuck inside and around the vents. To treat this, you need to buy a can of compressed air and use it to spray around all vents and holes in the laptop. Sometimes, the dust is piled up in large amounts and it would require opening of your laptop�EUR(TM)s case to clean it properly. Getting rid of this dust, which is clogged up around the vents is one of the successful tip to reduce overheating. You can also take Online PC help for the instructions.

Buy A Cooling Pad

In case, you are able to clean your laptop completely and you are still agonized by the issue of overheating in your Dell laptop, you surely need to buy a cooling pad. Cooling pads are those metal stands which prevent the overheating.

Let the air flow be unobstructed

There are times when you are using the laptop on a bed or on a surface where the vents of the cooling fan get restricted and the hot air finds it difficult to release. To avoid this, you can always buy a laptop stand or simply avoid using the laptop continuously at such a surface. One should always try to sit on a chair or a desk when the work demands long hours of laptop usage.
No Charging And Overcharging proves harmful

Some people while working on their laptops forget that they have kept them on charging. Too much of charging also tends to be dangerous for your laptop�EUR(TM)s health as it results in overheating. Keeping the battery levels at either 0% or at 100% is never suggested. To be on a safer side always keep the battery charged to an adequate level. It is not that the battery will die, but, yes the heat will surely get generated due to overcharging your Dell laptop.

If you still don�EUR(TM)t find any respite from the issue of overheating, you can always take Dell Computer Support.

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