Dell Continues to Simplify Storage for SMBs

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Dell Continues to Simplify Storage for SMBs

New SAN array offers enhanced ease of use features, allows new capacity provisioning in as little as a minute...Navisphere Express simplifies deployment and maintenance
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Dell Offers End-To-End Storage Solution Featuring New Arrays, Global Services and Build-To-Order Capabilities

Dell today announced 4-gigabit Dell/EMC CX midrange storage systems with global services and build-to-order capabilities designed to reduce deployment time and cost.
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John Lewis to stock Dell XPS and Inspiron PCs and laptops in time for Christmas

John Lewis is bringing Dell's range of XPS and Inspiron products to its UK retail stores. The laptops and ultrabooks will be available to buy in time for ...
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Dell Laptop Battery Charing Faults and Solutions

When you plug your laptop computer AC power adapter and found that the laptop battery isn't charging. Laptop shut down when you unplug the AC adapter. You noticed that your laptop battery is not charging more than 80%. You are getting short backup period. In this situation you become disturb checking all the connections, Alternating Current power adapter, and transmission line. You will be able to lay your hands on. The battery is not recognised by the laptop computer. When this thing happens with your laptop then any one is become worried, and can't understand what to do or what not to do. You think that you can't solve this issue on the spot or can't rectify the laptop issue. But the problem is not a big. You should follow some instruction before replacement your dell laptop battery. There is lot of chances that you may resolve your problem yourself.

General Faults & Solutions:

1.Laptop automatically shut down when unplug AC power adapter.

Possible Problems:

A.The battery is not properly settled in laptop battery panel.

B.The battery parts got dirty due to dust or some liquid and unable to make good connection with the motherboard circuits. So always try to keep clean battery.

C.If you have resettled the battery in battery panel the same response is here then you laptop battery is dead so need to replace your battery.

D.If you made replacement the laptop battery but the problem is still exists, then there is problem in your motherboard circuit parts.

2.Your laptop is unable to identify battery.

Possible Problems:

A.If your system is unable to discover battery it means your laptop battery almost dead and in this situation you can't help it. The solution is only replacing the battery and there is no other alternative way.

3.Your laptop battery does not contain a long backup.

Possible Problems:

A.When we move the cursor on battery icon it shows that your battery is 100 % charged. After unplug the adapter we can use the laptop almost 02 hours. But some laptop discharge quickly. It means the battery almost finished and you have to replacement your battery.

4.Your laptop is not getting charge.

Possible Problems:

A.If you have correctly plugged you AC Adapter in laptop and still your laptop is not charging. May be there is problem in your AC Adapter.

B.The Wire of AC Adapter is not working properly.

C.Check the charging IC of motherboard some time due to dust IC becomes blocked so always keep your laptop at safe place. In this situation you may need to replace IC or entire motherboard.

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