Asus S6 leather notebook

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Asus S6 leather notebook

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New Project ASUS PowerDirector

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Gtx 980m ACT OF AGRESSION Insane Details ASUS G751JY 1080p

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ATI 5770 Asus First Look [HD]

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Quality But Cheap Asus Laptops Rule the Market

As of 2012, ASUS is the fifth largest in unit selling when it comes to hardware, accessories and electronic gadgets. ASUS is a Taiwanese multinational company that focuses on selling electronic products. It was founded T.H Tung in 1989 together with M.T. Liao and Wayne Hsieh. The three all worked previously at Acer as computer engineers. That year was the start of a new company that will conquer almost all aspects in computer and electronic development that we use today. From the first released of their first electronic gadget, ASUS was able to cope with the advancing technology in developing computers, laptops, LCD TV's, GPS Device and tablets.

What makes ASUS different from competitors is the pricing. The highest quality products they offer are cheaper than its competitors' product that has the same kind of functionality and specification. Like the ASUS Zenbook Prime laptop line; it's one of those cheap ASUS laptops that have an edge than any other products have to offer on the same price range. With its design, specification, and processing power, ASUS Zenbook Prime laptops is one of the best user-friendly computers that you can get at a low price.

ASUS is also developing smartphones and tablets. The company recently released ASUS PadFone€ 2, and one of the best tablets in the market today, the Nexus 7. Asus partnered with Google for the most advanced software. This will be combined with Asus most advanced technology when it comes to processing power. With these innovations, ASUS never take for granted the quality and durability of these new products, and also the price that they offer for these items.

With its mission to give the world an easier way to access the web and also the portability of using a P.C anywhere, ASUS created the Transformer PAD. It is a laptop with a detachable monitor that can be turned into a touchscreen tablet. ASUS has opted to increase in the screen resolution on this product. Not like its competitors, this Transformer PAD carries the highest resolution on a screen as of today. It has a 2,560x1, 600 all over its 10.1in screen display. These innovations are what give ASUS an edge on the electronic market all over the world. And since it started to make these devices for us, ASUS didn't fail to surprise the market with the content of their products at a lower cost.

And for 2014, cheap ASUS laptops are still one of the best choices in buying new computers for your children or for you to use at work - from the Vivobook line touchscreen laptops, to the newest N Series that offers the fastest processor, to Zenbook Prime that has a slick, thin and stylish design that also comes with one of the highest resolution screen and fastest processor, and to Google and ASUS Nexus 7 tablet. ASUS never fails to offer this amazing things to us, so if you're looking to purchase a new tablet for your daughter. a gaming laptop for your son, or a business laptop that you can use for your job, ASUS has a lot of this items that you can choose from.

Holiday season is coming; you can start comparing these items as of right now to get the best deals for your loved ones.

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