AMD confirm displayport 1.3 for 2016 Mobile- makes 5k display possible over single cable

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AMD confirm displayport 1.3 for 2016 Mobile- makes 5k display possible over single cable

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Will memory from Macbook Pro work in macbook?

I upgraded memory on a 13" Mid 2012 Macbook Pro, will the memory work in a 13" Late 2009 Macbook? I dont know much about memory, but they are both DDR3 what ever that means.

Thank you for any answers.
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The next Macbook Pro redesign (merged)

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Five Best Mind Mapping Tools on the Mac

Mind maps are a relatively new, yet rapidly spreading concept that has been successfully used by practically every kind of professional and student alike. The simplicity of using the method and simultaneously its efficacy, have made it an ideal tool for anyone who wishes to chalk out a readily executable plan.

Here are the best five mind mapping tools that are compatible with your Macbook.

1. Mind Vector

Mind Vector is one of the finest tools on the Mac Store for seasoned users of this technique, and could give most other tools a run for their money, given the features it boasts of. Available for Mac as well as iOS devices, it enables you to visualize and actually plot the flow of your ideas at the movement of your fingers.

The most notable features include the easy user interface, with twelve node colors, five color themes and three line styles that will make your map as detailed as possible. Also, there is the added feature of sharing the map with your colleagues in the form of a PDF, CSV or even an image file.

2. SimpleMind

SimpleMind is a mind mapping tool compatible for Macs. With its excellent User Interface, creating and editing mind maps is much more convenient.

A single toolbar makes it an absolutely mess free software to work with, and it also has a function that uploads the mind maps to Dropbox, thereby making it easier for you to access your sets of ideas and charts via iPhone as well.

3. MindMaple

MindMaple is another classic idea visualization tool that uses a simple interface. You can arrange the nodes and boxes as per your requirement, and connect them with multi colored lines.

You can also import files and images into the software. You can also share the map using Google Drive, for easy access across devices.

4. MindNode

MindNode tool allows you to create not only simple flowcharts but also complex organizational hierarchy. The tool connects the primary nodes from secondary nodes and so on, thus allowing you to map out your thoughts in a simple yet effective manner.

5. iThoughtsX

iThoughtsX boasts of a clean, functional and customizable UI. iThoughtsX also has a Zoom in and Zoom out feature. You can also map to Word, PowerPoint and as PDFs or images.

Many of these tools have a built-in collaboration feature that allows the user to share the map among peers. Mind mapping is an extremely effective and proven way to organize your ideas.

Try using one of these tools on your Mac for your next ideation process, and experience what you have been missing all this time! Adopt the best mind mapping tool today.

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