Alienware Will Give Recent Laptop Buyers an Upgrade for Free

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Alienware Will Give Recent Laptop Buyers an Upgrade for Free

People that bought the latest Alienware laptops might apparently get a free ... i7-6700HQ CPU that is also one of Acer's Predator gaming laptop.
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Hands-on: Testing more Linux distributions on my Aspire V3-331

In my previous blog post, I unpacked a new Acer Aspire V3, and installed openSuSE Tumbleweed on it. That has been working very well so far, as I ...
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Acer Aspire E5-573-3870 (2015) Review: Is It Good for Business?

With a stylish, textured lid, Acer's Aspire E5 looks more sophisticated than its low $380 price tag suggests. And it offers plenty more for workers to ...
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Acer Aspire E5-573G-57HR

The Acer Aspire E5-573G-57HR is a capable desktop-replacement laptop with long battery life, a 1080p screen, and hardware suited to strenuous ...
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How to Reboot an Acer Laptop Without a CD ?

There are many laptops existing today which differ in price, features, and specifications and on a lot of other platforms. Acer is one such leading computer company that is involved in the production of a diversified range of inexpensive laptops, which run on Windows operating systems. Netbooks too on similar lines are produced by Acer, to help users experience increased functionality and at a lesser price.

No machine out there is perfect. Breakdowns and issues, although rare, but still occur. Consumers can face such problems at any unknown time and even in between a very important task. There is no way out of keeping such problems completely away or saying you have a flawless Acer machine, is like saying something, which is not true. What can be done instead is keeping an Acer tech support number handy, to find instant solution to an issue that is keeping you from completing that most important file or presentation.

Laptop boot up issues are amongst the commonest issues that can affect an Acer laptop. And having a CD handy is not a liberty that you experience always. Just for such instances, when your laptop does not boot and you do not have a CD for the same, here are some steps of troubleshooting this issue.

Most Acer laptops do not have a CD drive installed. So, if searching to reboot your PC, doing it through a disc is not really possible. You must then try and reboot via a different route.
You must begin by shutting down your computer and then pressing on the power button only after few minutes. Once it begins to power on, you must press "F8" till the start-up screen appears.
There are three options which you can choose from- Standard boot, Boot in safe mode or Boot from a CD, which you can choose by pressing the directional arrow keys on the keyboard. Due to absence of a disc, boot from CD option seems of no help here, you can thus choose to boot either in standard or safe mode. Safe mode ensures minimal power consumption and hardware to keep the computer on and is useful when trying to remove files that are protected via a lock or is not getting deleted from the hard drive.
Next you must press Enter after selecting the reboot option. The computer now begins to start in the selected option. If you wish to boot again in the standard mode, by shifting from a safe mode, shut down the laptop and then again restart by pressing the F8 key.

Above mentioned is a simple and easy method to help you reboot your Acer laptop, which is showing boot up issues, but without making use of a CD. In case, you are still unable to start the machine, you can always turn to the Acer tech support number, where experts are ready to help you with any Acer problem, with an answer that is given almost instantly.

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