Akku für Asus A53S Serie 5200mAh Replace

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Akku für Asus A53S Serie 5200mAh Replace

http://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B00DJJGA62?tag=dalgiz-21 Asus A53S Serie Li-Ion Akku Kapazität 5200 mAh 56 Wh Spannung 108 V Farbe schwarz 6 Zellen Hochwertige Samsung Premium SDI 2600 Qualität ZellenAuthor: isnotnTags: Akku für Asus A53S Serie 5200mAh Replace Posted: 08 September 2015Rating: 0.0Votes: 0
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Netzteil für Asus G750JH G750JH1A G750JY1A G750JZ G750JZ1A G751JT G751JT1A

http://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B00MVY6MXM?tag=dalgiz-21 Ausgangsspannung 195 Volt Leistung 230 Watt 118 A Funktionslicht Funktions-LED im Gehäuse inkl stromzuführendem NetzkabelAuthor: edsa1Tags: Netzteil für Asus G750JH G750JH1A G750JY1A G750JZ G750JZ1A G751JT G751JT1A Posted: 08 September 2015Rating: 0.0Votes: 0
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Asus ADP180MB F Netzteil 180 Watt original

http://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B00IY6FPAW?tag=dalgiz-21 Asus ADP-180MB F Netzteil 180 Watt originalAuthor: edsa1Tags: Asus ADP180MB Netzteil 180 Watt original Posted: 08 September 2015Rating: 0.0Votes: 0
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3 More Global First Places by Dancop on Rampage V Extreme

Dancop is a German overclocker who is currently number one in the worldwide overclocker ranking on HWBOT.  Once again Dancop managed to clinch more Global First Places, this time three with the ROG Rampage V Extreme and
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ASUS Laptop Gives Your Move a Kick of 4K Gaming Support

ASUS is revealing the massive move to 4K gaming laptop, appearing a huge number of new sections in its Republic of Gamers family including a 15-inch journal pressing a 4k showcase. Set for discharge in the second from last quarter of 2014, the ROG Gx500 note pad wears a noteworthy 3,840 x 2,160 screen determination. ASUS likewise tossed in its Visual master engineering that lets the showcase demonstrate 100 percent of the NTSC shade range.

Inside, the Gx500 rocks an Intel Core i7 processor with a Nvidia Geforce GTX 860m design chip, which implies you'll be fragging noobs at rich smooth casing rates without hardly lifting a finger. The greater part of this arrives in a frame that is only 0.75 inches thick, a hair more slender than MSI's 0.78-inch Gs60 Ghost. What's more in case you're gaming on the go, the Gx500€s 4.9-pound outline won't weigh you down.

The company is likewise giving gamers looking to lighten their heaps at LAN parties a touch of something as the new ROG G20 little structure variable desktop. The case, which packs an Intel Core i7 processor and Nvidia Gefore GTX 780 GPU, has no visual vents and makes only 25 decibels of sound running out of gear.

Moreover, the ASUS laptop which looks like something out of "Fate", keeps cool by utilizing a regular convection warm plan and shrouded wind current passage with the ultra-calm fans. The G20 additionally incorporates adaptable lighting with 8 million shade choices, a DVD/ Blue-beam mix drive or Blue-beam author, a combo robust state drive and hard drive and a custom force connector plan.

Devotees of Valve's Steamos are likewise getting some adoration with ASUS' ROG Gr8 reassure gaming PC. Fueled by an Intel Core i7 processor and Nvidia Geforce GTX 750ti design card, the Gr8 comes stacked with Windows 8.1 and is completely good with the Steamos and Steam Controller. A Supremefx sound yield handles sound, while a 4k presentation yield implies you'll have the capacity to play the majority of your Ultra High-Def diversions on your 4k TV.

With its new Zenbook, ASUS keeps on taking go for the Macbook Pro throne. This smooth 15-inch note pad now has a Retina-like 2880 x 1620-pixel presentation, conveying fresh and splendid pictures. Be that as it may, the Ux51vz is more than a pretty face, packing a third-era Intel Core i7 processor, Nvidia design and double SSDS into its amazingly thin edge. This is a machine that conveys both magnificence and force.


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