#1 Laptop PC in the Universe

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#1 Laptop PC in the Universe

As far as we earthlings know, ThinkPad holds a strong share (almost 100%, all except 2 laptops) in the outer space market. As you may have seen in the media coverage, ThinkPads are installed in the Space Shuttle and ISS (International Space Station). If you visit NASA gallery or JAXA's (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) photo library website and take a look at images from ongoing missions, I'm sure you can spot many 15-inch LCD ThinkPads working among the astronauts. And theSee Original Article

Asking about the ThinkPad T400s user experience: Electronics

There is a surprising sight that greets new employees and transferees at the Yamato Office when they first arrive. 100% of the employees walking the office hallways are carrying ThinkPads. Those ThinkPads include products that they themselves have worked on or products that they've requested for their personal use, including products that have just been announced. Recently, I've started noticing several employees toting these newer systems, and the one that has really caught mSee Original Article

Not only black

ThinkPad X100e

ThinkPad Edge 13"
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A White Christmas


It's almost as though the snow is accumulating on our ThinkPad. Snow made of dust... Thermal management technology is commonly acknowledged as a core technology of ThinkPad. The technology continues to develop each year, but as the intake of air increases, the amount of dust and lint sucked in along with it also increases. This dust and lint impedes the flow of air inside the computer and the ability of the fan to dissipate heat suffers. As a result, when the tSee Original Article

Lenovo and Asus the Best Choice Laptops for Home

The Laptop industry has changed radically with the advent of the new concept of the notebooks, ultra books and various other OS enabled laptops. The new breed of laptops is space efficient and energy-efficient. Many companies are selling these products claiming them the latest, best and most durable. These laptops are nowadays come equipped with the latest technology that makes them fast in performance and capable of handling multiple tasks easily.

The laptops integrate the computer components such as Display Screen, Processor, Motherboard, Ram, Graphics Card, Local Storage Hard Drive, Cooling Fan, Connectivity Port and several other components installed all in one.

In due course of time, the laptops have become beautifully designed, lightweight, slim and affordable. These computers come in different screen display size, generally the 13.3-inch, 15.6-inch, 20-inch etc. Many of these laptops have the high-definition display screen, which also offer a wide view display experience.

Asus is a brand name famous for its new and trendy laptops. The company has launched the new ASUS ROG G750JZ series that comprises of laptops designed smartly with knockout looks. The new 17.3-inch ASUS ROG G750JZ comes with the sleek and slim looks, sharp angles; with the blend of premium quality materials make it, the most beautifully designed laptop. Under the hood, the laptop has innovative technology such as the Intel i7 processor 256GB SSD drive and 1TB of local storage hard drive. Both the SSD and Hard Drive are extendable as per user's requirements.

The users can play the most complex and demanding applications and get amazing visuals and graphics with the latest NVIDIA GeForce GTX880M 4GB/8GB GDDR5 Graphics Card, they enjoy enriched gaming experience of the player. This ensures a powerful performance and unforgettable amazing gaming experience. Asus has provided multiple wireless antennas that make sure double data flow for very high connection speed.

The four built-in speakers and Dolby Digital Plus Home Theater gives amazing surround sound experience that makes the users believe they are inside the movie. Every user looks for a long-battery power supply on a single charge, Asus delivers that in its ROG laptop series. The laptop offered by Asus has good features offered to the users this makes it an ultimate choice in its segment. If you confront any tech-related issues in normal use of the ASUS ROG G750JZ then contact us at Asus Tech Support Number.

The new LENOVO B50 TOUCH laptop has many features that will dazzle the people at the first look the 15.6-inch 10-point multi-touch display panel delivers amazing video and image quality. Powered with the new 4th generation Intel Core Processors, with such advanced processing technology you can now create, entertain, play and even inspire. Now you can enjoy the power of an Intel processor, live the experience of vibrant and amazing visuals, and at the same time multitask. The built-in safety features help in keeping the users data safeguarded.

Now enjoy the incredible multimedia and gaming performance of the LENOVO B50 TOUCH laptop has the new NVIDIA GeForce and enjoy stunning visuals and graphics. In addition, the webcam on the laptop has an amazing picture quality. The 1TB HDD storage gives ample local storage to the users to store their favorite files and folders that require the large disk space for music, video, data and photos.
Sound quality is another amazing feature of the LENOVO B50 TOUCH fitted with the stereo speakers with immersive surround sound experience equipped with advanced Dolby audio v2. The crisp, clear sound delivered by the speakers and increased voice clarity of the VOIP applications; it gives the maximized volume output without any disturbance. The AccuType Keyboard ergonomically designed and has adequate spacing in between the keys that offer user-friendly typing experience. Lenovo has given its trademark long battery feature in the laptop that offers non-stop power supply on a single charge for 5-hours.

Overall, Lenovo has introduced a game changer all-in-one desktop in its segment. The company expects to get a large market capture with an exceptional product. In case you confront any tech-related issues then immediately contact Lenovo Laptop Support Number.


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